The Sacred Scroll of Privacy at DressStation

In the mystical realm of DressStation, we understand that the tales and secrets you share with us are akin to the rarest of magical artifacts. Just as wizards guard their spellbooks, we vow to protect the information you entrust us with.

1. The Parchments We Collect: When you navigate our enchanted corridors (or web pages), certain scrolls and runes, like your name and owl-post address (email), are sometimes required to enhance your journey and ensure the spells work just right.

2. The Spells of Protection: Rest assured, our team of magical wardens and digital spellcasters work tirelessly to cast protective charms, ensuring no dark wizard can access your precious information.

3. Potion Ingredients Sharing: Fear not, for we do not trade, sell, or barter your personal potion ingredients (data) to any outside sorcerer or merchant. They are kept safely within our vaults, accessed only by the chosen ones.

4. The Enchanted Cookies: As you tread our pathways, we sometimes use small magical trinkets, known in the muggle world as ‘cookies’, to remember your preferences and ensure your next visit is even more magical.

5. The Right to Your Own Grimoire: At any moment, you can request to gaze upon the pages that hold your information, and if you wish, erase or modify any spells or tales written there.

6. The Ever-Changing Book of Laws: In a world as dynamic as magic itself, our privacy practices might evolve and adapt. Whenever that happens, this sacred scroll will be updated, and we’ll ensure you’re informed by sending a raven or a notification.

7. Reaching the Council of DressStation: Should you have any inquiries, doubts, or if you simply wish to discuss the tales of old, find us at:

444 Alaska Avenue Suite #BUS442 Torrance, CA 90503 USA Or send an enchanted message to: [email protected]

Your trust is our most prized possession, and we solemnly swear to guard it with all the magic at our disposal. Remember, at DressStation, your story is safe, revered, and always kept away from the prying eyes of dementors.