The Enchanted Scroll of Returns and Refunds at DressStation

In the vast realm of DressStation, we understand that sometimes a garment might not resonate with the magic you seek. Fear not, for our ancient return and refund spells ensure that every sorcerer and witch finds their perfect attire.

1. The Ritual of Returns: Should you find the need to send a garment back to our magical abode, the spell requires a wait of 3-6 sun cycles. As the days pass, our wizards will inspect the returned treasures, ensuring they still hold their enchantment.

2. The Alchemy of Gold Returns: For those who have traded gold via the mystical portal of PayPal, a swift spell ensures your gold is returned in a mere span of 48 hours, as if by time-turner magic.

3. The Odyssey of the Credit Card: If your gold was exchanged through the enchanted Credit Card, the journey back might take a bit longer. Rest assured, in 7-14 sun cycles, the magic will be reversed, and your treasures will find their way back to you.

Remember, dear wanderer, our primary spell is to ensure your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that our garments don’t weave the magic you desire, our return and refund spells are here to guide you back to sartorial satisfaction.

May the robes fit you well, and the enchantments always be in your favor. Safe spells and blessed be!